Summer Snowball Fight

SnowballsWhat fun to have a snowball fight outdoors in the summer! And it’s easier than you think- thanks to’s ideas for a pre-teen party. I would suggest that this will work equally well with slightly younger kids too- kids age 9 and 10 will get the irony of snowballs in summer.

Starting a few weeks before your party, wad up every days newspaper and/or scrap paper from your computer, and collect them in garbage bags. Count so you have the same number of snowballs in each bag- it will save headaches later. You’ll have accumulated a whole lot of ‘snowballs’ by party day.

On your driveway or in the grass, create a dividing line with a hose, rope, tape, whatever.  Count the kids off into 2 teams by 1-2-1-2 and send the teams to either side of the line. Dump an equal number of snowballs on each side of the line and explain that whichever team has the FEWEST snowballs on their side when the game ends, wins. Remind the kids that they can not only throw their own snowballs at the other team, but they can also throw the other teams snowballs back!

Start the game with your whistle, and then watch, and when it looks like interest is flagging, blow your whistle again to end the game. Charge the kids with counting up the snowballs on their side.

Assuming the count is close and the snowballs on each teams side don’t need to be adjusted to keep everything somewhat fair, follow up with the spoon game. Have the kids pile up all their snowballs, and give each team one small plastic spoon. Line the kids up behind their piles, and relay style have them carry their snowballs on the spoon to a (clean) garbage can or two on the other side of the line. This gives the losers a chance to redeem themselves!

They’ll be expending their energy and sugar highs playing these games, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. My kind of party game!

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