Summer Math

NumbersAll us parents try to get our kids to read over the summer so they don’t lose all their skills, but what about their math skills? I’d like to thank the folks at for reminding everyone that we can easily get our kids to practice their math too. This is a parenting tip that everyone can use over the summer to keep those math skills sharp.

Instead of them being totally bored when you take your child(ren) to the grocery store, get them involved in all the math that’s sitting in your shopping cart. How much does each egg in that carton cost? A young one can just count the items in your basket. Have an older child keep a running total (using round numbers) of how much it’s all going to cost as you add items to your cart.

The kitchen is another great place for math, and cooking with your child is fun too.  They can count, measure, time things AND end up with something yummy that they’ve helped to make.

There’s also lots of great kids websites with educational and math oriented online games that can keep kids entertained while keeping those math skills in top form. You’ll find several on the website link above. Perfect when the weather’s got your kids indoors or they just need a break from outside activities.

Many off line games are also good for math– War, dominoes,  Mancala, Soduko. Sit down for a few and play with your child for both math and together time.

Keeping those math skill up to snuff doesn’t have to be a drag– there’s lots of ways to keep it light and fun. You can work this math practice into your summer with ease and your child will be all the better for it next fall.

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