Summer Balloons

BalloonKudos to for coming up with a neat twist on a standard balloon game that works great for summer, outdoor parties. All you need are regular, not helium, balloons and pool noodles  cut in half so their size is manageable for kids) plus a couple of laundry baskets.

Have enough 1/2 noodles for every child and perhaps 20 balloons scattered on the ground around the laundry basket targets. Task the kids with getting all the balloons in the baskets with out using any hands or feet- just the noodles.

They should, after a few unsuccessful tries, figure out that it takes cooperation– 2 noodles and two kids to maneuver the balloons into the baskets- chopstick style. If they don’t get it themselves, offer the hint that they need to co-operate.

Once this game has played itself out,  challenge the kids to carry the balloons from the one laundry baskets to the other, but separate the baskets by a substantial distance.

You can also challenge the kids to keep all the balloons aloft and off the ground using only their noodles- not so easy but lots of fun!

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