Star Wars Party Food Ideas

SpaceshipHave some good fun with these ideas for Star wars themed birthday party food. Being a closet trekkie and all things science fiction myself, I truly enjoy these imaginative and edible additions to your Star Wars party decorations! Thanks to for putting them out there for all of us to see.

I have to add my appreciation for the insight that Star Wars is something that appeals across generations to the kids and parents alike. So if your birthday party is multi-generational, perhaps a big family party, this theme might be just the thing for you!

My favorite here would have to be the Carbonite Jello with the Han Solo action figure ‘frozen’ inside. Too funny! The Princess Leia cupcakes are a close second, and shouldn’t be that difficult or time consuming to make. The Oreo hair wraps on the side of each cupcake is inspired. Yoda cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma? Who Knew?

Another take-away here is the inspired signage given to all the food offerings, even those without an obvious Star Wars reference. Vader Potaters, anyone? You can have a lot of fun doing this, get good grins out of the adults and the kids too!

You’ll find ideas for Star Wars inspired party games and additional themed food ideasĀ in other posts here, which when combined with these will give you a fun and funny Star Wars birthday party.

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