Star Wars Cake

R2D2 Cake

Photo courtesy of and with permission from

Yup- that cute little robot pictured over there is, in fact, a kids birthday cake!

Created with just the 2 cake decorating techniques I’ve already posted about here (crumb coating and marshmallow fondant), just imagine the kudos you and your birthday child will get from the guests if this R2D2 cake is the star of your Star Wars party!

And I must give credit where it’s due: to for both the decorating techniques and this finished cake. You’ll find very complete directions for making this adorable R2D2 if you follow the link above to the website.

Don’t be put off by the fact that R2D2 LOOKS complicated- it’s far easier than it looks. He requires 3 chocolate cakes baked in bowls, one sheet cake cut for his arms, and the colored fondant for his buttons and knobs etc. Set aside some time with your creative hat on, and you’ll enjoy doing this almost as much as you’ll enjoy the ooh’s and aah’s when he makes his appearance at your Star Wars birthday party.

While I generally recommend keeping children’s party food simple, a cake that induces shock and awe without breaking the budget is obviously an exception. If this R2D2 attends your child’s next birthday party, he will be a big part of the memories, and you can feel very good about the time you put in to make it so.

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