Spa Science

Spa Science

Spa Science This is a great gift for a girl OR a great addition to your spa party for the girls.

This is fun science, geared directly at girls. They can create pampering spa products right in your kitchen with the recipes provided and ingredients from your pantry. No harsh chemicals! And, they’ll learn some science while creating any of the dozen different spa products featured. These include glitter gel, bath salts, avacodo face mask, body scrubs, scented stones, fairy dust. Illustrations make it easy for the kids to follow the instructions. The science behind the products is sprinkled throughout, so they’ll learn and not even realize it.

As one of your birthday party games for your spa party, this is perfect. The kids can work in small groups of two or three to make a few different products, and then enjoy what they’ve created as they do their spa-ing (just stay away from the bath items). You could have them make some to take home as well- even provide boxes and wrapping paper to take them home as a gift for their moms. If you do this, count on them spending some time making their packages pretty so provide lots of curing ribbon and pretty paper.

As either a gift or one of your spa party activities, the Smart Lab all-natural Spa Lab will provide good learning fun for the girls.

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