Snack Face Cupcakes

Wonderful to serve but even better to have the kids make these as one of your birthday party games or activities. It will keep them engaged and having fun for probably 1/2 hour, especially if you have enough cupcakes for them to decorate some to take home.

Probably better for girls than boys, and best for age 9, 10 or preteen, but don’t always sell the boys short in the creativity department. If you plan to have enough to send some home, be sure to have some cardboard trays to put them on to take home; you can make these out of old cereal boxes or pieces of posterboard by taping the corners to form edges (like the boxes you use at the holidays).

Buy or make your cupcakes and the base frosting to be decorated. As in the video, tint the vanilla frosting with a little red food coloring plus a bit of cocoa to approximate skin tone, more cocoa or red as you choose. Retain some of the untinted vanilla frosting to use as glue from a small plastic bag with a small hole cut in the corner to form as pastry bag. Have enough plastic knives for all your kids to use as spatulas for spreading their frosting.¬† You’ll also need¬† a plastic knife for each child to use as a spatula for the initial layer of frosting on the cupcakes.

For the cupcake decorations, first look in your cupboard and pantry for things like chinese noodles, cocoa rice cereal, small candies. etc. You’ll find a good list on the website- scroll down below the video. What you can’t find at home you’ll want to go buy, and be open to other thoughts when you’re at the market.

Set up your laptop on your cupcake decorating table and show the kids the video. Have all the ‘ingredients’ out for them, and then turn them loose. If you like, have each child contribute one of the cupcakes they made and use them instead of birthday cake all arranged on a pretty tray with the candles in one in the center. Be sure to take a picture!

These adorable cupcakes make terrific party food but are even better as one of your games or activities if the kids are old enough.

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