Slumber Party

Slumber Party Venues

Slumber PartyGive your sleepover party a twist and have it in a remote location– not in your house where they all come all time anyways. It may take some thinking on your part to come up with local ideas that will work, but give it a go and you never know!

A donation and brooms and garbage bags for everybody in the morning might just get you a night in the spare room at the fire house or the library or the hair salon. Especially if you know somebody or have a friend of a friend… As my boss used to say about our clients-  (1) you’ll never know unless you ask and (2) all they can do is say ‘no’.

There’s all those rooms at the church, your club, your brother-in-laws restaurant, your aunt’s store. Bring a TV and dvd player, your food, whatever your planned games require and you’re all set. The whole idea here is to remove the kids from their usual space and put them somewhere else to add a twist to your slumber party that no one else’s party has.

Here in NYC the big museums and the zoo have sleep-in nights that (1) you might be able to piggy back your party onto and/or (2) your city might have something similar. Check it out- ask- all they can do is say ‘no’. Ask your local parks department as well if your weather is conducive.

Find a different venue for your slumber party and it will stand out from all the rest. You can even turn that venue into an entire theme: in a library they all need to bring a story to tell; at the firehouse they all have to make fire helmets out of newspaper; at the museum you show the National Treasure dvd’s. Have some fun with this!

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