Shrinky Dink for Printer

Shrinky Dink Scavenger Hunt

Shrinky Dink for Printer Having just told you about Shrinky Dinks as a birthday party gift last week, I now want to share with you a great idea for a treasure or scavenger hunt birthday party games using these cute little plastic do-dads. The best part is you can match the objects of your scavenger hunt to your party theme AND give the kids a take home memory.

You must use the shrinky dink plastic sheets specifically designed for ink jet printers: just click on the graphic to get to a source and to read the instructions about lightening your clip art or photos for shrinky dinking.

Choose clip art or photos related to your theme- perfect for princess parties, pirate parties, star wars parties, animal parties, and many other themes. Size and lighten them as directed and put as many as you can on any one sheet for printing and then baking. You might want to look at the shrinky dink accessories (things like rings to attach the shrinky dink to a backpack, necklace chains) to make your shrinky dinks even more fun.

Once you’ve made at least one for every child at your party, hide them for your scavenger – treasure hunt. Outdoors probably saves your house getting torn apart. Keep a log of all your hiding places in case the kids miss one or two. I’d recommend dividing the kids into teams so the groups can compete to see who can find all their treasures first.

Treasure hunts and/or scavenger hunts are always fun for a party but figuring out what to hide can be a chore that using these shrinky dink treasures makes easy.

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