Little Passport

Serial Monthly Grandparent Gifts

Little PassportLeave it to that wonderful parent blog Geek Dad to remind us all how much kids still like getting something in the mail– even in this digital age. And with that in mind, Geek Dad is also reminding us about those wonderful serial gifts that arrive every month, that are greatly anticipated by the recipient, and that are perfect for far-away loved ones like grandparents or aunts and uncles to put themselves in front of their favorite somebody at least once a month.

These particular gift packages are geared toward pre-schoolers and early elementary school age kids, and run around $20/month. Each is project based, and can either provide great one-on-one time with parent(s) or can be shared with friends as well as the parents. The three project kits Geek Dad has subscriptions for, and recommends, are:

So next time a relative comes to you desperate for a suitable birthday or Christmas/Chanukah gift, suggest one of these subscription kits. The grandparents or aunts and uncles will be glad of your suggestion and you’ll be glad of the together time these kits provide. And, of course, the child will thoroughly enjoy completing these project with you. Everybody wins!

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