Sandpaper Leaves

 Sandpaper Leaves

Another great artsy activity for the kids that also works as a party craft activity; thanks to Pink and Green Mama for yet another good idea!

All you need are crayons and sandpaper cut into appropriate sizes for your project of choice. Not only does the sandpaper sharpen up all your old crayons, it makes the colors pop and look different from plain old paper.

Be it fall leaves, Easter eggs, birds, whatever. Depending on the age of the kids, either draw the outlines on the sandpaper for them or provide printed out clip art graphics as ideas to be copied and/or embellished by the kids. Also depending on their age, either give them the safety scissors to cut out their creations or do it for them to take home.

A simple table craft like this works great as a ‘keep them busy while everyone arrives’ party craft.


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