Safari Jungle Party Cupcakes

Animal Cupcakes

If I, a complete non-artist, can make these out of circles in a kids computer graphics program, you can make these adorable jungle safari animal cupcakes in your kitchen!

Especially with all the help you can get from the good folks at Betty Crocker with their video showing you exactly how to construct 4 animal faced cupcakes– the monkey and the tiger you see here, a lion and a zebra.

You don’t need any fancy equipment, just icing, food coloring, and if you don’t have a pastry bag and tips, a plastic freezer or refrigerator bag with a very small cut in the corner works really well. Small candies for ears (junior mints?), vanilla wafers for the zebra and cracker jax popcorn for the lion complete your supplies. You can use purchased white icing from the supermarket and tint it with your food coloring for the colors you need.

If you can make the circle snouts with your icing and pipe on the eyes, stripes, noses, etc. with your homemade plastic pastry bag, you CAN do this. It’s WAY easier than it looks and the kids will just love their animal cupcakes.

If your party group is older, making these can even be one of your party activities. Prepare the various colors of icing needed (lots- they’ll be plenty of waste if the kids are doing it), a couple of baggie pastry bags for each color, obviously have the cupcakes ready to go, and decorate one cupcake for each animal to show the kids what to do. Plastic knives or butter knives will work well for spreading the icing. Give them dessert sized paper plates to practice on so you don’t run out cupcakes when they mess up. I’d recommend having one cupcake to eat and one to take home for each child.

Your themed birthday party food doesn’t have to be overly complicated and time consuming to be really cute and a treat for the kids. Give it a try!

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