Research and Art Fun

What’s starts as a fun art project can become a whole new learning experience and begin the kind of skill building they’ll need as they get older. And all of it can be fun and nice together time with your young child. I call this a win-win! And I thank Quirky Momma’s for putting this out there to help all parents work constructively with their kids.

In this example, a marvelous Chinese Fireworks art piece using red card stock and gold paint and glitter started a whole journey into Chinese culture.Chinese Fireworks Art They used the computer to look up and print photos of things related to China, and created a home-made book out of it all using the art piece as the cover.

In today’s world it’s almost never to early to begin using the computer and the internet as a source of information, research and learning, and this project gently begins that process. With a subject that has already engaged the child with the related art or craft, it’s a natural extension to want to learn more, so the motivation is already there. The computer research also exposes the child to search and the keyboard, all stuff they’ve got to get good at anyways.

The subject matter can be as varied as your imagination or the childs interests:

  • space- stars, planets, the solar system, Nasa and Hubbell photos from the web
  • cultures such as this China exercise, and can include food, geography, natural beauty, people…
  • sports- thinks stars, stats, venues, photos
  • the natural world- either places or things such as plants (which might even lead to eating green food?) or animals

This will work, on different levels, with both preschool kids and early elementary school children that aren’t yet into the mandatory homework, which sadly can take some of the fun out of learning. And you’ll enjoy spending this quality time with your child and watching the learning lights go on.

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