Revolting Recipes

Recipes from a Twisted Mind

Revolting RecipesThe PERFECT gift for anyone who has enjoyed the twisted mind that created James and Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Twits, Mathilda, The Witches and so many other wonderful books. Raold Dahl was an absolute favorite in our house and had I known about this cookbook they’d have been in the kitchen making every one of these disgusting sounding recipes.

Of course, they only SOUND revolting. A nice serving of Stink Bugs Eggs sound good about now? You KNOW it will to the kids. Or maybe you’d like some Scrambled Dregs? Actually, the reviewers at Amazon indicate things taste really good!

Most of the recipes contained in these 64 pages do require some adult supervision, but for my money giving a gift that also gives quality time for parents and their children is a double good thing. And the part I like best is that maybe some of the recipes will even inspire some reading of books as yet unread. It’s hard to think of an author that’s more fun for the kids to read. And reading is always good.

Come to think of it, this book might be great as the star of a cooking party for kids at the upper end of their elementary school years- age 9 and up.  Follow the cooking up with one of the videos of his great books.

The gift of laughter is always precious, so these Revolting Recipes makes a marvelous birthday gift.

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