Princess Paper Dolls

Princess Paper Dolls

Princess Paper DollsWhat a great ‘wind-’em-down’ slumber party activity for the girls– many thanks to for a great idea and the princess paper doll template to make it all happen. This is age appropriate for girls perhaps age 6 to age 8.

Cut the template figures out of cereal box cardboard ahead of time, and paint the faces (above the neckline) appropriately. Leave the faces and googly eyes for the kids but doing this ahead of time means no waiting for paint to dry. Print and cut out more than one dress template for each girl on card stock so it can be used and re-used for tracing. Have the craft sticks, hair yarn, pipe cleaners (arms), and pretty/colorful paper for the dresses and lots of scissors all ready to go. I suggest sequins, glitter glue, narrow ribbon, scraps of lace and anything else you can think of for decorations too. Make a few models yourself to inspire the girls to get creative.

Set it all out on your protected table or on a messy mat on the floor and let them go at it. They can, of course, create multiple outfits for their princesses, and multiple princesses if they so choose. Should keep them busy working and chatting and getting silly for a good amount of time during that looonnngg…. slumber party night.

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