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PrincessOne of the expensive new ideas out there for a Princess Party is hiring adults dressed as Disney royalty to come and run your party. I suggest you can be just as beautiful as a Princess and so much more meaningful as Princess Mom!

If it’s in your budget and time is short, rent your costume for the day. Better still, rent both you AND your daughter a princess costume so you can be beautiful and special together. In terms of the impact it will have on your birthday princess, spending your party budget on these costumes and then running the party yourself will be way more special than paying someone else to dress up and run the party games.

If costume rental isn’t in the budget, not to worry. Your closet or the attic may have a lovely long dress that would be fit for a princess mom when paired with a tiara or crown from the party store. The thrift store is another place to look. The birthday princess can either wear one of her dress-up box princess gowns or open that present up early and wear her new gown to her party.

If you’ve the skills, do you both in an elegant up-do. If not and it’s in the budget, you can go the salon together for your royal hairstyles.

Another fun option for an elegant gown is a sarong – a gorgeous and colorful piece of fabric tied as a dress. You’ll be an African or an Island princess. Instructions for tying your sarong are included in the video link above. It may well be worth purchasing the fabric that’s specific and sized for a sarong as you can then wear it as your very stylish bathing suit cover up!

Princess Mom makes this more than just a birthday party- it becomes a real mother – daughter memory that you will cherish for years. Remember to take lots of pictures.

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