Preschool Old Faithfuls

Dancing GamesPreschoolers need to move and be active– sit down birthday party games don’t work very well with this age group. And there are several “old standby’s” that are perhaps so old that we’ve forgotten about them- but they’re still good fun for the kids. Thanks to for remembering these movement games and bringing them to our attention for your next preschool birthday party.

You probably remember each and every one of these old games. If not, all the directions are on the website linked to above. I’m going to leave out musical chairs as this game has certainly not faded from memory.

  • London Bridge- where 2 kids hold up there arms and the rest march under their bridge to the music of  ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’.
  • Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush– the kids hold hands in a circle and sing along as the go around
  • the Hokey Pokey- the kids perform the actions referenced in the song, and sing along
  • Ring around the Rosie- hands linked, the kids skip  to music in a circle and ‘all fall down’

You can find the music to each of these games to download to your computer to play at your party on the website- just scroll down to ‘Find songs Alphabetically’ and search by the first letter of each song.

Kids love to sing and dance, so these old games make a perfect interlude in your party when attentions are waning. Let them shake out some of their sillies with these party games and then they’ll be ready for something that requires a bit more focus.

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