Popsicle Stick Animal Puppets

Animal PuppetsBack in May we suggested paper bag animal puppets for your safari or jungle party. But if your party guests are too young for these, have them make popsicle stick animal puppets instead. No drawing skills required- they just need to be able to cut with safety scissors..

Find animal graphics on-line and print them out on card stock. Better still, find (or have your child find for you) animal photos and/or drawings in magazines and remove those pages. You should plan to have 5 or so graphics per child, and enough popsicle sticks for each one.

Have the children choose and cut out their animal graphics and glue them to the popsicle sticks. Needless to say, this won’t take forever, but it’s a great lead in to some other easy activities for the kids.

Have each child make it’s animal sound- and watch this turn into an audio free-for-all and make-believe play. Where does each child’s animal live? Which other animals live in the same place? What does each animal eat? (This, too, will devolve into imaginary play.) Have each child choose one of their puppet creations and then have them all line themselves up according to the size of that chosen animal – organizing themselves isn’t such an easy task for preschoolers so you’ll probably have to assist.

Each of these activities is quick enough to satisfy the short attention spans of preschoolers but taken together give you probably more than 1/2 hours worth of safari jungle party play.

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