Pirate Ship Table

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship TableThis very clever kit from etsy.com will convert your birthday party food table into a pirate ship to delight all your little swashbucklers.

The ships rigging is the standout here– making clever use of dowels stuck in weighted and decorated cans to create the two masts that carry the sail and the birthday banner. Simple hardware store twine creates the lines and the support for the decorative sail and that banner.

All that’s left is the black table cloth, which can of course be plastic, and your food decked out with complementary colors like red and black.

This pirate ship table is so much fun and so unique that you really don’t need any other decorations¬†at your pirate party. Set this up where it is prominently displayed and you’re basically all set.

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  1. andrea iglesias

    I’m having a pirate baby shower for my daughter and would LOVE to get this pirate ship table kit for the shower. can somebody help me out in finding it by 7/!8/2013???

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