Pirate Costumes

PirateAn easy way to ‘pirate up’ all your guests with a simple pirate costume you make for each guest that they can personalize when they all arrive. You’ll spend some time and a few bucks making one for all your pirates, but as pirate birthday parties tend to be for young children where the number of invitees is supposed to be low, you shouldn’t break the bank or have to stay up all night.

Hit the local craft score for the cheapest black felt you can find and inexpensive red fabric you can cut into strips for a belt. While you’re there, load up on pirate type stickers- skull and cross bones, jolly rogers. You’ll cut the fabric, based on your own pirates’ size, like a bib as shown in this photo. A hole for the head, a raggedly cut bottom and open sides that the belt closes up.

Upon arrival, present each child with their costume, perhaps rolled up with the red or black bandana you’ve also bought for each of them, and send them off to your craft table where all the stickers are available for them to add to and personalize their pirate costume. This will keep them busy while everyone arrives but isn’t a full blown craft activity that young kids don’t have much patience for.

With everyone properly swashbuckled in their pirate costume, do expect some pirate imaginary play, and lots of fun.

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