Pinata Tips #1

Star PiñataYesterday’s Angry Bird pinata got me thinking more about how to best use this ever-popular birthday party game with a variety of  themes. So I did some research and found lots of good information to share with you.

Did you know that the traditional Mexican pinata is a 7 pointed shape, a bit like a sputnik satellite, but that the pinata tradition goes way back to Europe and probably to China before that.

You can, of course, buy pinatas to go with a multitude of birthday party themes, and they aren’t very expensive, although all the goodies to fill them with can add up.

But I’d like to suggest that making your own birthday party pinata together with your birthday child is a terrific way to get your son or daughter involved in the party prep and to have some fun together doing it. So here some great pinata making tips from the pinata fanatic over at Check out his site for many more helpful piñata hints.

The easiest pinata to make yourself is built around a balloon rather than an elaborate frame, but not just any balloon. Look for ‘punch ball’ balloons, and those with no ‘lip’ will blow up almost perfectly spherical  while those with a lip will be more oblong. Check stores like Dollar Tree for these balloons.

Use lightweight (ie cereal box) cardboard for taped on accessories like ears, tails, snouts or cut up wrapping paper tubes for legs. BUT- make sure the cardboard isn’t located where the kids will be trying to break the piñata because they won’t be able to break this stuff.

It’s a balance between enough layers of paper mache to hold the weight of the pinata plus the goodies inside and so many layers that it becomes too hard to smash open. Make your pinata more smashable by puncturing and slashing the dried paper mache with a knife in plenty of spots.

I’ll have more helpful tips for making a pinata here for you tomorrow.


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