Pin the Whatever on the Whoever

Pin the Tail on the DonkeyThere’s no need to spend your money getting a big poster professionally printed to customize your ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ game to your party theme. This is an old standby game for preschool and young elementary age children, and it’s easy to convert it to match your party’s theme.

Given that HP sells more printers than any other printer manufacturer, these instructions will help a lot of you. For those without HP printers, I’ll digress for a moment here to advise you of another option for printing large and poster sized items. It’s called Printmaster from Broderbund software, currently costs $20, and we used our older version for more school projects than I can remember, so it was definitely money well spent. It’s definitely not Photoshop, but it works for kids and what they need to do, and it makes large printouts.

HP’s Photosmart and AllInOne printers have the built in capacity to print poster sized projects – like your ‘Pin the Tail on it’ poster. Or you can print decorative posters for decorations to hang for your birthday party. Even to print those poster sized school projects.

There are complete poster printing instructions from HP on the web, but first you need to remember to be conscious of your image resolution before you enlarge it for poster sized printing. Resolution is defined by the number of pixels, and HP suggests you need 2700×1800 to get a good image for a 20” x 30” poster. A right click on your image will usually open a dialogue box with a ‘Properties’ button where you can find out the resolution of your image.

Classic games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey get new life when customized to match your party theme, and now you can do it inexpensively with your own printer.

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