Photographing your Child’s Birthday Party

Camera We all have our portfolios of digital or print snapshots of our children, and they are priceless memories. But what about truly great photographs of life’s special occasions? Sure- we all spend a fortune on the wedding photographer, but is that the only life occasion worth commemorating with professional photographs? I think not, and I think a special birthday party is a childhood memory that can be worth professional quality memories. And not with the same level of expense as those wedding photos.

Take a look at this professional set of birthday party photos that I stumbled across on the web and I think you’ll see what I mean.

Check out photographers in your local area and you might be surprised to find them more affordable than you think for a couple of hours of work. See if your local community college or high school has students qualified to do the work for you, at a student pay scale. Put an ad in your local pennysaver type paper to hire someone, perhaps retired, who could meet your need and your budget.

Many people have at least one friend or relative that’s a photography bug and takes way better pictures than the rest of us. Ask him or her to photograph your child’s party, and offer to take him/her plus spouse out or cook them a lovely dinner in return for their assistance.

Lastly, there’s the do-it yourself route, and I’ll pass along some pointers for taking great kid shots in my next blog post.

Many of us spend hours even days coming up with ideas and fashioning them into a great party that’s over in two hours. Remember it, and them, on a day that’s very special to them, with great photos.

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