Party Tacos

TacoWhen it comes to feeding the birthday party guests, the first birthday party food that seems to come to everyone’s mind is pizza. Something the kids eat all the time- at home, at school. So it’s not exactly exciting party fare.

Tacos are easy, not a budget breaking expense, and fun for the kids to make their own. If you can chop tomatoes, shred (or cut into ‘strings’) lettuce, buy Mexican cheese, ground beef, the seasoning packets, salsa, and the taco shells, you’re all set. Add in the sour cream and the guacamole if your so inclined and it’s in your budget, but you can just as easily skip them both.

Speaking of guacamole, I’ve discovered an easy and quick way to make it. Mash up your ripe and ready Haas avacado and stir in as much medium spiced fresh (ie refrigerated, not bottled) salsa, and you’ll have a tasty guacamole.

Set out your taco ingredients on your food table all in all line so the kids can follow each other down your table and put their tacos together as they like them. This will take them some time, so don’t rush them. Anything that uses up a few more minutes of your party time is always a good thing!

Keep your birthday party food healthy and add to your table  some melon slices, grapes, or other fruit of your choice. And instead of soda try this delicious sounding Virgin sangria recipe– all their favorite fruit juices + fresh fruit that makes magic in your frig as it all melds together for a yummy drink the kids will love.

Just as pizza doesn’t require an Italian theme at your party, tacos and virgin sangria doesn’t only go with a Mexican themed party– it works as one of the great and easy party foods at any kids birthday party. It just tends to get forgotten as an option when you’re focused on all the other parts of putting together a great party, so I’m happy to remind you how easy they are to prepare and serve.

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