Paper Fashion

FashionGirls generally love fashion, and love to make things, so putting the two together for a birthday party has GOT to be a winner. Have your pre-teen middle schoolers not just model their clothes, but give them a chance to design AND create their fashions, all within the time constraints of your party just as they do on Project Runway.

No expensive fabric required– they’ll be making newspaper fashion. With piles of newspaper, masking tape, scissors and a stack of fashion magazines to get their creative juices flowing, they’ll have everything they need. You can find extensive instructions for the how-to’s for this great party theme at Suite101- supplies list, preparation, set up, judging the results, and other tips.

I would add 5 things.

  1. Take lots of pictures for take homes.
  2. Have samples of the pleated, scrunched and braided paper for them to see, plus suggestions for how to use these as embellishments (as described at the end of the article).
  3. Have a pile of hats, necklaces, earring, bracelets, belts, shoes, whatever you can get together for them to wear with their creations when they model.
  4. Have fun and colorful makeup, combs and brushes and hairspray for them to complete their runway looks.
  5. Have a big clock obvious to the girls so no one gets ‘caught’ moving too slowly. Remind them every so often that they only have X time left.

You’ll have to decide, based on your group of girls, how many per team or whether every girl will want to design/make/model their own outfit.

A great ending to this party would be the runway walk for all the parents, but then be sure to have enough cake and ice cream for all.

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