Stuffed Peppers

Baked Pepper Stuffed With Rice

Stuffed PeppersWith your garden or farmers market peppers in full swing, this is a good time to be reminded about making baked stuffed peppers for an easy and economical dinner.

Baked Pepper Stuffed With Rice

Liven it all up by using all the different colored peppers you can get– not just green but red, yellow, orange, purple.

Make a game of it– draw straws to see who gets to eat which color! Those nutrition packed peppers will go down easier if its a game.

Lego Animal Cards

Lego Animal Alphabet Cards

Lego Animal CardsThese are printable for you to use with your kids– they can copy the Lego creation and you can supplement with some animal learning, perhaps on line with real pictures and related information.

Lego Animal Alphabet Cards I-L ( and library pick of the week) |.

Do click on the preceding Alphabet Cards A-K, and enjoy them all.

Don’t have quite all the shapes and colors in the pictures? Good!  That teaches kids to improvise and think outside the box.

Frozen S'Mores

Frozen Smores

Frozen S'MoresEverybody LOVES S’Mores, and you don’t have be sleeping in a tent to enjoy them. We’ve shown you how to make them on the patio with charcoal in terra cotta pots, and now Reading Confetti has brought us frozen S’mores that are made in the kitchen and can be enjoyed any time of year. HOORAY!

Frozen Smores and Camping Books for Kids ~ Reading Confetti.

These would make a great outdoor, summer birthday party treat when the flame part is just too much or the kids too young to make their own.

Homemade Face Paint

Homemade Facepaint

Homemade Face PaintMaking your own face paint has to be cheaper than buying it, and allows for more quantity, either for a larger canvas or more faces or bodies, as in at a party.

Easy Facepaint

Summer and cleaning up with the hose or the sprinkler allows your preschooler to experiment with paint all over themselves! This is the ‘larger canvas’ I was referring to above. It’s an experiment/experience they won’t forget.

Serve up your homemade facepaint with small brushes, and let the older kids decorate each others faces. Print off some templates for them to copy- just google ‘face painting templates’.

Do heed the warning about store bought food coloring and getting them cleaned up after.

Glowing Modeling Clay

Glowing Clay Recipe

Glowing Modeling ClaySave some money and make it better, all at the same time thanks to Crystal over at Growing a Jeweled Rose:

Glowing Clay Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose.

Follow the link at the top for the recipe to make your own modeling clay– a wonderfully creative plaything that works on the right-brain creative side as well as those small motor skills. Unlike play dough, modeling clay air dries to a smooth non-crumbly finish so creations can be kept, even given as gifts to appreciative relatives.

And, of course, it’s all even more fun in glow in the dark colors! Made yourself with this recipe, it’s cheap enough to make a big batch and have the kids create as a party craft activity.


Olympic Activities

Olympics Birthday Party

Olympic ActivitiesThe summer Olympics in London were last year  (this year it’s the Royal Baby), but that doesn’t mean your birthday child can’t have his or her OWN Backyard Olympics birthday celebration. It’s a great party theme for the energetic elementary school age set, and this free ebook includes Olympic themed games, crafts and snacks to get your party planning off to a great start:

Free eBook: Olympic Activities for Kids – I Can Teach My Child

Use the web to print off medals, print them out on cardstock and finish them off with nice ribbon.

Move Dice Game

Get Up & Move Dice Game

Move Dice GameBuy the boxes and add the directions any way you want. These have been painted in chalk board paint so the directions can be changed at will. One die is different movements, the other different directions. Change it up with more creative instructions, such as ‘like a cat’ or ‘like a crab’ or whatever you think of.

Homemade Toddler Game- Get Up & Move Dice ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

I virtually guarantee you’ll use these again and again– perhaps when an outside diversion is needed or with playmates. With more than two boxes, this would also make a great party activity for these young children.

Drawing Animals

Animal Drawing Tutorial for Kids

Drawing AnimalsThis is just one of 13 different animals this poster tutorial will help your kids learn to draw, and probably inspire them to figure out how to draw others as well.

Poster Drawing Tutorial

Using just the simplest of shapes, requiring coordination but probably not inate artistic talent, they can create these simple animals without getting discouraged. Making their drawing that much more enjoyable.