Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac ToeTake a simple game like Tic Tac Toe and outsize it for outdoors and that new spatial dimension gives you a birthday party game with a whole new twist.

Even preschoolers know how to play this easy game on paper, so they’ll take to the big version with no trouble and little explaining. And the younger the kids, the fewer directions you want.

There’s several ways you can set this up outdoors.

  • If you’ve got a nice long driveway, use chalk to draw the boards.  Have two kids at a time play using stones that they toss from a distance away – sort of a cross between tic tac toe and hop scotch, but without the hopping part. Mark where the stones land with X’s for one child and O’s for the other.
  • If you don’t have enough space for many repeats of the game, get a few sheets of posterboard, draw on the game boards, and cut X’s and O’s out of construction paper to use as the game pieces marking where the kids stones land.
  • Lay a game board out on the grass with ropes or duct tape or 2×4’s and have them toss tennis balls of different colors to play the game.

This is a perfect birthday party game for a carnival themed party, but you can also switch things up with  themed game pieces you’ve made out of clip art and the game now fits perfectly with whatever theme you’re using.

So add oversize Tic Tac Toe in to your games for any outdoor party for kids from preschool age right on up through about age 9 or 10 – just make the distance they toss their stones longer so the game is harder if they’re older.

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