Veggie Snacks

Nudge Children Toward Healthier Eating

Veggie SnacksScience now shows it’s not that hard to reduce the snack calorie intake of our kids. When 3rd through 6th graders were presented with  a combination of cheese and vegetables as a snack while watching 45 minutes of TV, they consumed a whopping 72% less calories than the kids given chips.

Varied Snacks Nudge Children Toward Healthier Eating –

Now these kids weren’t given a snack choice in this study, and obviously  that contributes to the result. But with just a little effort on your part, you can steer your kids into making better choices about their snacks.

If the chips require a chair to reach and the veggies are not only handy but already in a plastic bag along with some cheese and a small plastic container of ranch dressing, the chances are good they’ll go for the veggies. Did you know you can freeze popcorn and pull it out on demand with a little warm up in the microwave (and air popped it has very few calories).

As busy as you are, it may well be worth your time to prepare and provide the snack rather than sending the kids into the kitchen to forage for themselves. They’re higher in sugar, but kids will often eat fruit when they turn their nose up at veggies. You can even buy dried fruit snack packs. And those Baby Bel cheeses are perfectly kid sized.

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