More Lego Games

LegosMight as well continue on with a good thing and give you more Lego games and Lego party ideas. This time, thanks directly to the Lego website and the parents who posted their great ideas there.

Before the games comes the birthday party invitation, and this is a great idea. Using padded mailing envelopes and your Lego supply, put your party specifics right on several lego blocks with a Sharpie, put them all in a padded envelope for mailing. The invitee has to put the ‘Lego puzzle’ together to get their invitation info. I LOVE this!

Who’d have thunk it- Legos and chopsticks makes a challenging game, especially for the younger folks. Give each child a smallish (equal number) pile of legos of various sizes and shapes and a pair of chopsticks. On your mark, get set, GO and see who can get all their Legos into the jar or bowl in the center first. Easy (maybe) for you and me, not so simple for the kids. Or, add other small items to their pile and have them pick out ONLY the Legos to move to the center container.

Divvy those Legos back up (equally) among the kids and see who can build the tallest tower out of their Legos- without it falling down!

Have a Lego door prize – a jar full of Legos that every party guest writes down their guess as to how many are in the jar as they arrive at your Lego party. The closest guess gets the jar and the Legos in it to take home as their prize.

And a Lego scavenger hunt- inside or out. Hide your Legos and turn them loose. For the young ones just score it by how many they find and bring back. For older kids, score with different values for different colors and/or shapes. Send each one out with a bag to collect their Legos in.

Turns out a Lego party theme is easy to work with and it’s simple to tweak your games to support a Lego theme. Perfect for a young child’s party- preschool or early elementary age 6 to 8.

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