Monster Cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes

Monster CupcakesThey can either make them or just eat them, but these monsters are just too cute. And not that difficult for older elementary school ages kids to make as one of your party activities.

If the kids are going to make these guys, I’d recommend using the frosting in the can that comes with the decorating tips. If these are to be made before the party, use the less expensive plastic or decorating bags with the decorating tips and homemade frosting.

Full instructions are available for you on the blog.

The tops aren’t ALL frosting, but rather mini cupcakes attached to regular cupcake with a dollop of frosting, underneath all that frosting fur (hair?). Use store bought or home-made, your choice.

Gel food coloring gives the most intense color to your monsters. I like the way the ‘fur’ ┬áis coordinated with the paper cups.

The eyes are dum-dum pops surrounded by jelly rings with M&M’s attached with another dollop of frosting.

Not exactly official Star Wars, but these guys would sure look good on your party food table at your Star Wars party. Or send them home with the kids instead of the usual loot bag full of candy and plastic junk.

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