Money Grows On Trees

Money Matters

Money Grows On TreesTeaching our kids about money is a tough but very important thing, so when I see something that can help I need to pass it along to you. This lousy economy has passed along some painful lessons, but this is a fun way to teach the subject instead.

The brokerage firm T. Rowe Price has created these money teaching tools and made them free for anyone to use- Thank You!! These tools are also available at all T. Rowe Price Investor Centers and there’s a hands-on interactive exhibit at Epcot at Disney World in Florida that you should partake of if you’re there.

Findings from the firms’ family money survey apparently led to their creation of these learning tools. There’s both an on-line game and a downloadable activity book that together makes it fun to start learning the tough concepts of value, budgeting, etc. that go into smart money thinking. It’s truly never to early to learn, but boy, it sure can be too late. Just take a look at my daughters’ credit card bills!!!

Follow up the on-line learning these tools provide with grocery store budgeting, conversations over check cashing at the bank or ATM, and you’ll be on your way to raising a money savvy kid. Don’t make it a chore- make it fun and it will pay off in the end.

Many of us adults would have been far better served had we had some financial education in our growing up years, so let’s give it to our kids. You don’t see many lists of kids tipsĀ for parents that include financial education, but you should.

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