Mobile Butterflies

ButterflyHere are two different butterfly crafts that I suggest you put together for an extended craft session at your next 9-10 year old or preteen girls birthday party. Or, keep it in your arsenal of kids activities for a long rainy afternoon or a long playdate. Either way, the girls will enjoy the making and continue to enjoy looking at their creation when they take it home. This would be a great craft to include in a jungle party or animal themed birthday party.

Disney’s Family Fun has instructions for really cute tissue paper butterflies that are quite simple for the girls to make. All you need to supply them with are colored tissue paper squares cut to 4″ x 4″ (2 per butterfly, 2 different colors), 12″ colored pipe cleaners and thread.

Here’s a couple of tweaks to the basic butterfly suitable for girls in the 9 to 10 year old range. Give them googly eyes to glue on to the pipe cleaner antennae. Or, make the butterflies bigger and give the girls headbands to attach the pipe cleaner bodies to so they can all become butterfly girls.

For preteens, you can expand this craft by having them make simple but really pretty mobiles using their butterfly creations. You’ll find directions for putting a simple mobile together on the Enchanted Learning website. In addition to the thread for hanging the butterflies, you’ll need 3 twigs for each mobile. You’ll see that this website also has directions for making construction paper butterflies to hang from the mobile, but for my money the tissue paper ones are much cuter. Your choice, just choose your twigs to correspond best to the size of the butterfly you choose to have them make- the tissue paper ones are smaller. What’s key here is the instructions for balancing the butterflies – not as hard as you might think but it will give them a bit of a challenge.

If done as a party craft,¬†the girls will also have made their take home party favor, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about. If kept up your sleeve as a kids activity¬†when they need one, all you really need to have on hand is colorful tissue paper and the pipe cleaners.

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