Make ‘Em Laugh

KittyThis simple game can be adapted to virtually any party theme. That being said, it works particularly well at a ‘Hello Kitty’ or animal themed party or a slumber party where they can play in the PJ’s, and is best with girls.

Have the kids sit on the floor in a circle, one child in the center – perhaps start with the birthday girl in the middle. The girl in the center gets on their hands and knees and moves around the circle like a cat, choosing one person from the circle to walk to and meow at three times.

The chosen person has to pat the ‘cat’ on the head and say “Poor Kitty” 3 times- without laughing. Of course, the kitty is doing everything in her power to get the other one to laugh- rubbing up against her like a cat, meowing, flexing her claws, whatever she can think to do.

Once she gets the laugh, that person becomes the kitty. If no laugh, she has to try someone else.

If a cat doesn’t jive with your party theme, make it something else or nothing at all but with the same objective of getting the laugh. The older the kids are, the more you can put it to their imagination to come up with whatever they think will make the other kids laugh- younger kids need more direction like being told to act like a “whatever”.

I’d forgotten all about this simple  game, so thanks to the blogger(s) over at for the reminder.

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