Make A Robot

RobotHere’s a fun team game for just about any birthday party- Build a Robot! Perhaps better suited to boys than girls, but girls enjoy a challenge too and you know your group of kids, so make your own decision on this one. And if your party theme is space (aliens) or monsters or star wars, it fits in even better.

Accumulate a good bunch of various sized cardboard boxes– liquor boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, plus paper towel and toilet paper tubes. Also have brown (box colored) paper, a roll of tin foil for each team, silver pie plates (differing sizes is best) and anything else silver colored you can think of. Glue, staples, colored construction paper, scissors and markers complete the supply list.

Divvy up the supplies equally between your teams of 5 to 6 kids per team– any more and coordinating their efforts becomes too difficult and detracts from the fun. Challenge each team to build a robot out of their supplies in the next 20 to 30 minutes- the shorter time frame for younger kids. Note that the challenge is to build ‘a’ robot- not the ‘best’ robot, so there’s not hurt feelings at the end, just the fun in creating.

If the kids are old enough, they can elect one team member to ‘be’ the robot, meaning to wear the robot costume they create out of the boxes. This will require an adult to cut holes for getting into the costume and for arms and legs, and will require the kids to decide first off how they’ll put the costume together so the holes can be cut. Then, they can proceed with the embellishments.

Kids like to use their brains and be creative, and this is an exercise in creativity they’ll not have done before. Anything new and different makes a great party game.

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