Hula Dancer

Luau Decor

Hula DancerIt’s easy to turn your party venue into a tropical paradise with luau birthday party decorations for your luau party. Be your venue indoors for a winter respite or outdoors during the good weather, it’s an easy birthday party theme to decorate for.

First off, make your grass skirt for your food table, with the able assistance of your birthday child. Cover the top of your table with brown butcher paper, secured with tape,  and measure the circumference of the table (or at least three sides thereof if your going to have it up against the wall). Cut a length of butcher paper equal to that circumference plus 4 inches. Draw a line on the long edge 5″ down from the top and set your birthday child to cutting narrow strips into the paper up to that line to make your ‘grass’. Tape the finished ‘skirt’ around the edge of your table.

Top your grass skirted table off with paper bag luminaria with palm tree or pineapple cut outs copied/traced from clip art. If you can find coconut scented votives, all the better for your tropical luau atmosphere. Sprinkle big colorful tissue paper flowers around your table top between your platters of food and hang more of them above the table. Your birthday child can help you make these as well, and the two of you can have some fun doing it together.

Don’t forget the plastic leis for everyone as they arrive.

Making your own decorations for your luau themed party is fun and will get your birthday child involved in the party prep.

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