Lie Detector

Lie DetectorLie Detector is a good warm-up birthday party game for your preteen, teen or older elementary school age (i.e. age 9 – 10) party. And, it will work with either boys or girls, but make it shorter in duration for the boys.

As the kids arrive at your party, give each child 2 or 3 index cards, or index cards that you’ve cut in half to be about square. Have each guest, plus the birthday child, write one or two true facts about themselves on 1 or 2 of the cards, and write something that’s not true on the last card. The ‘lie’ can be outrageous, silly, or very believable, whatever the kids choose.

If the kids are on the young side, give them hints about what to write such as favorite or least favorite foods, TV shows, movies, celebrities.

Once everyone’s got their 2 or 3 things written out, gather them in a group and have one person start off by reading one of their cards to the group that then has to decide if it’s true or not. Each child does their 2 or 3 cards and then it moves on to the next one.

This is a particularly good ice-breaker game for the beginning of your party as it generates lots of laughs and chatter. It’s also a good way to get different groups of friends, say the soccer team buddies and the school buddies, to mix and get comfortable with one another for the rest of your party.

Party games don’t come much simpler than this, but Lie Detector is a good way to get everyone in a lighthearted mood for the rest of your party.

If you know any other good ice-breaker games that are appropriate for kids parties, do please post them here.

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