Let it Snow

SnowflakeI’m looking out the window at about 10″ of fresh new snow- beautiful, but being stuck inside is getting tiresome.

But the beauty makes me think of the old fashioned paper snowflakes we used to make with thin paper and scissors. These are still a good birthday party crafts activity for kids in early elementary school, say age 6 to 8, who can use scissors pretty well.

Like everything these days, there are explicit instructions for making these snowflakes on the web. This website has 8 different templates you can use with the kids. You’ll just need to provide enough good scissors and the thin paper: it can be origami paper or tissue paper, and I’d recommend sticking with white, but that’s your choice. Perhaps you can borrow some scissors to get enough without buying them all. I’d recommend making a few snowflakes ahead of time to show the kids what they’ll be making, and to demonstrate how to do it for them.

You can provide crayons, markers, or glitter for them to decorate their creations.  If it’s holiday season, provide string and protective spray to turn the flakes into Christmas tree decorations. If it’s not, help the kids turn their creations into coasters to take home. Just cut squares of corrugated cardboard from old boxes, get clear contact paper and clear packing tape to secure the sides. Colored paper, i.e. construction paper, cut to size underneath the white snowflake will make it stand out.

Have each child make 4 or 6 snowflakes and mount each on a different color paper for a set of 4 or 6 coasters to take home and use. Now you’ve got your birthday party favors as well as a craft activity that keeps them busy for a while! Of course, these snowflakes and/or snowflake coasters also make a good kids activity when you’re snowed in.

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