Lego Games

LegosYesterday’s Lego birthday cake got me started thinking about Legos games for a little boy’s party– girls too if yours and her BFF’s love playing with Legos.

The most obvious game is to have the kids construct with the Legos– but make it a simple competition. Have a bag with the same number of Lego pieces in it for each child or pair of children- depending to a certain extent on how many Legos you have to work with. Give each bag a good mix of small and large, flat and bricks, etc. [This is a good excuse to add to your existing collection of Lego pieces for the party and then for your Lego lover afterwards.] For younger kids, give a bag to each child, for older kids who can cooperate better, give a bag to each pair of children. Give them 10-15 minutes to make a creation from their Legos. Keep the competitive part of this game to the time limit – no voting for who’s structure is best.

Use this printable Lego Bingo game when you need to wind them down a bit. Sit them down on the floor to play a round of bingo and they’ll calm down a bit for you.

Lego’s work well for the old ‘drop it into the jar’ game, and continue your Lego theme nicely. The Lego must start out touching their nose and be dropped into the bowl or the narrower mouth jar – use a wider receptacle for younger children. The drop can be from a standing position or kneeling on a straight back chair dropping the lego over the back of the chair- but have someone holding the chair so there’s no spills.

And there’s the pitch the Lego game. Get a variety or targets of different sizes and with different opening widths- cut down milk cartons, cardboard boxes, various sizes of mixing bowls. Put down a line on the floor or rug with masking or duct tape that they need to stand behind. Arrange the targets at varying distances from the line. Give each child 5 Legos of different sizes and shapes, and keep score: a point for each Lego that gets in a target. You may even need a run-off.

Kids LOVE Lego’s so you know that these Lego themed games will be a big hit.

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