Land Of Me

Land of Me Pre-Reader Video Game

Land Of MeCreativity building games and toys make good and thoughtful party gifts as well as terrific activities for your own children. And this interactive video game from the UK certainly fits the bill. A bit pricey as a gift from just one party guest at 19.95 british pounds (just over US$30 as of this date), but certainly reasonable when shared by two party guests.

I’m a big fan of Geek Dad’s reviews and comments over at, and this game certainly passes muster with him. What really grabs my attention is his recommendation that this is a learning game to be enjoyed with the child, not one to hand to them so they stay out of your hair for a while. Anything that encourages parent-child interaction and is fun while still educational is a big bonus.

The Land of Me game was designed, according to it’s creator James Huggins, to be “interactive children’s media that was beautiful, enchanting and as much fun for me as it was for the kids”. It’s not a traditional video game but rather more like a toy with many creative possibilities. And get this- it actually encourages one of the most important developmental skills for young children- TALKING!

The game has 6 chapters all that unfold according to the choices made, and each chapter has many printable off-screen activities to continue the fun and learning. Again- unlike the traditional video game- only limited screen time is needed to get the imagination and creativity flowing and continuing beyond the game.

I encourage you to give the Land of Me game a free try yourself here, and once you’re hooked on it’s educational value, find another parent to share the cost and make a child and family very happy with this unique gift. Do, of course,  consider getting one for your own family to enjoy too.

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