Knock-Kneed Balloon Race

BalloonsHere’s a balloon game for somewhat older kids that will have them laughing and enjoying the challenge. And it’s a good game for sending them outside for a bit to run out some excess energy and sugar so they can stay focused afterwards.

Have 2 air filled (helium’s OK but not a necessary expense) balloons per party child. Blow them up pretty full so they’re not too hard to pop. If outside, get them off the cement and onto the grass as a few of them might be falling down and no need for anyone to get banged up. Should you be so inclined, demonstrate the game for them so they can have a good laugh at your expense.

Get the group into two teams and set them up for a relay style race with 1/2 of each team at opposite ends of the two side-by-side race courses. With the balloon firmly tucked between their knees, a member of each team races to the other end of the course without losing that balloon. Once at the opposite end, they must burst the balloon using only their legs- no hands or sharp objects. The next team member then grabs their own balloon and races back to the other end of their course, popping their ballon at the end, etc. Little kids don’t have the strength to explode the balloon this way, so this game is for older elementary school or middle school aged kids- even teens.

Silly stuff, but party gamesĀ are all about smiles and doing things you don’t do every other day. That’s what makes silly games fun!

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