Fancy Family Pumpkin Carving


PumpkinThis is just too far out and too much fun not pass along even tho’ it has nothing to do with kids birthday parties. But where there’s kids, there’s families and this makes for great Halloween Family Fun.

Would you believe 265 pumpkin carving patterns in 15 categories, and growing every day between now and Halloween! Yes, they’re in it to make some money so they aren’t free, but you can have all 265, or however many there ends up being, for $20 or the 2 you really want for $2. Get your 25 favorites for $5. Suits just about any budget.

Along with the printable pattern transfers to get the design on your pumpkin(s), there are full instructions for carving, preserving, lighting, even pumpkin photography- all on-line as well as printable to take with you.

Got a bunch of teens all ramped up about Halloween? Give them something constructive to do before it gets dark and host an afternoon, early evening pumpkin carving party. Display the creations on your front steps Halloween night and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Or, gather your extended family and a few select friends or neighbors for a cider and donut and pumpkin carving party Sunday afternoon, Oct. 30th. Everyone will have a great time. Just make sure you have enough carving tools to go around. Really- the best kids activities are those that involve everyone doing something fun together. And this will be remembered by all involved.

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