Indoor Bowling

BowlingBirthday  games are the MOST important part of your celebration, but it’s an added bonus to work together with your child to prepare for that party and those fun games. You get help, your child gets to be involved in the prep, and you get nice time together. It’s a win-win!

Getting things together for an indoor bowling game is just such an activity you can do together with your birthday child. Posted on the web as a rainy day activity kit, this is a great birthday part idea as well, so thanks to for the idea.

Making this indoor bowling birthday party game is easy. Take some Styrofoam cups—or some empty 20 ounce (591 mL) soda bottles—and add a little rice to weigh them down. These can serve as the bowling pins, the weight of which will vary depending on what you want to use for the makeshift bowling ball.

You can use anything from a whiffleball, which will require very little weight inside the pins, or you may want to add more rice for something heavier like a tennis ball. To keep your house clean in this seemingly messy activity, just put the rice into a little baggie and secure the bag; this way, even a strong bowl cannot make the rice go flying out in every direction possible.

As an added bonus, why not decorate the cups or the bottles with little themed stickers or graphics from the web for a more themed party touch? The bigger those graphics, the more ‘in-tune’ with your theme the game will be- totally transformed from just plain old bowling. Suppose those pins all had big Darth Vader masks on them at your Star Wars party! Or monster faces, with different faces being worth different points when knocked over. The possibilities here are vast.

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