I Spy

SpyPreschool birthday party games can be a bit tricky: short attention spans plus difficulty following directions make it hard to find interesting games that keep their attention and that everyone in the group is able to play. As a result, the old-standby’s like musical chairs, freeze dancing etc. are the usual games played at preschool birthday parties.

I Spy is a game they love and are fully able to play that gets forgotten and left out of the birthday party repertoire. And as a more sit-down game, it’s good interspersed between more active games so they can calm down and not get overwound.

Just in case you can’t quite remember the game of I Spy, it’s pretty simple. I suggest you start off because that will show everyone how to play. Sit the kids down in a circle. Pick something out in the room, let say you choose the big red dictionary on the bookshelf. You begin the game by saying to the kids “I Spy something red, something rectangular, something bigger than a pea, something smaller than a TV”. Give them as many different hints as appropriate for them to narrow down their search without making it too obvious. Let the kids shout out their guesses until someone gets it right, and then have the birthday child take your place and choose something else as the subject. Go around the circle so each child gets a turn choosing the subject.

Once they’ve solved your I Spy riddle, explain to the kids that they can describe anything about the object- size, color, shape, texture, use. That they should try to give just enough information so the others can figure it out, but not too easily.

It is important to choose your venue for this game carefully. The room needs enough interesting and different things in it for them to choose different subjects for their game. In good weather, playing I Spy outside is perfect.

Let them play until they lose interest and then move them on to a more active game.

I Spy is proof yet again that kids have fun using their brains, and thinking games do indeed have a place at your next preschool party.

Got any other thinking games for preschoolers that would work well at a birthday party? Let everyone know about them here with your comment.

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