Hula Lula Luau

HulaChallenge your young luau guests to do the hula- and it WILL be a challenge! Best for a teen luau party, but it also works with younger kids, especially the younger girls.

There are some terrific hula videos on YouTube that you can set up to play on your laptop on a table at your party.  Spring for either a grass skirt or a sarong that the kids can put on when they step up to take your hula challenge. You could even decorate this table- a green plastic tablecloth fringed to resemble a grass skirt with plastic flowers about.

In checking out these videos, I learned that there is apparently a big difference between the Hawaiian and the Polynesian or Tahitian hula – the latter being much faster and more like belly dancing and MUCH more difficult. The music is also different (at least in these videos) – heavily percussion and with a quick tempo.

If you’ve got an older or pretty athletic group, I’d recommend using the Tahitian hula video – you’ll be amazed at how good this gal is. And the music for the Tahitian hula will definitely attract the kids to the activity, so have the volume turned up enough for it to do the job. You may only get the girls, but you may also be surprised and the guys may jump in too – there’s often at least one exhibitionist in every crowd and sometimes all it takes is one. Teenage guys, more comfortable in their skin and their bodies than younger ones, may also jump right in, but will certainly be an appreciative audience for the girls even if they don’t.

Younger kids will do better with a slower Hawaiian style hula.

Make sure to have a camera on the table with the laptop as some of the pictures will be priceless – especially if the guys participate.

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