9 Cookies

Homemade Cookies To Go

9 CookiesHave fun and save money with homemade cookie party favors. It’s something you can do with the birthday child to get him or her involved in the party prep and cooking together is always quality time well spent.

You can find number cookie cutters quite inexpensively– under $10 at Amazon and they make the perfect party favor cookie. But any fun shape will work just as well.

Thanks to the creative mom over at rocksinthedryer.typepad.com for sharing her cookie party favor ideas. She uses simple sugar cookies and even provides a recipe link for you. Make the dough ahead- it’s best after it’s been refrigerated anyways. Roll out, cut and bake the cookies another day, and decorate on yet another day. Spread out like this the process doesn’t become overwhelming.

Here’s the best idea yet- decorate with the icing in a squirt bottle, such as for picnic ketchup. Just about every party cookie afficianado I’ve read raves about Royal Icing, and it’s easy to make. Tint with food coloring- remember that the gel food coloring gives more intense colors.¬†Dots, lines, and squiggles are all easy to make with the squirt bottle, and well within the capabilities of your birthday child.

Wrap your creations in clear cellophane bags (you can find these at Amazon too) with a cute label you’ve made with your computer and printer. Your label can be a “Thank You for coming to my 9th Birthday Party!”

DONE! And you spent very little money on these party favors and have had an enjoyable time making them with your birthday child.

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