Homemade Bodyscrub

Homemade Bodyscrub for your Spa Birthday Party

Homemade BodyscrubSend the kids home from your spa party with bath goodies for Mom, sis, themselves, or all of the above.

How to make bodyscrub at home: an inexpensive handmade gift | Domestic Goddesque.

Both scrub recipes here can be mixed up by the kids- they’re easy,¬†and if you provide the jars and decorative materials, they’ll have fun making their ‘gifts’ all pretty. FYI- you can order the ¬†demerara sugar on-line, or probably find it at places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s- google it.

If you want to take this more into the adult world as nice homemade gifts, check these out: handmade lotion, lip balm and more.


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