Hello Kitty Bags

Hello Kitty Favor Bags

Hello Kitty Bags When the packaging is this cute and simple to make, whats inside the bag can be kept really simple and inexpensive.

The Hello Kitty theme is so popular with today’s girls – my¬† high school daughter even chose a Hello Kitty planner this year! So even if your party theme isn’t Hello Kitty, these kids party favor bags will be a big hit with the girls.

Thanks to the Cool Party Blog for the instructions and template for making these bags quickly and easily. All it takes are white lunch bags, pink or other colored crepe paper type streamers for the bows, yellow and black paper, glue or glue sticks and your black Sharpie for the whiskers. You can reinforce some of the stick-ons with cardboard from an empty cereal box.

Since they love Hello Kitty, it would make sense to include some Hello Kitty themed goodies in your favor bags- tattoos, stickers, pencils and such. Check out the selection at this online party retailer.

And do you see how simple a Hello Kitty face on your birthday cupcakes would be to make? Just white icing with a pink icing bow, mini M&M’s for the eyes and nose, with black icing piped on for the whiskers. All you need is black food coloring for your buttercream frosting and cut the corner out of a plastic food storage bag to make your piping bag. Voila! Hello Kitty cupcakes for your Hello Kitty party!

When you’re dealing with kids beyond preschool age, they really do notice and appreciate it when you’ve bothered to make them something rather than giving them the ‘same-old’ from the party store.

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