Melon Granita

Grown-Up Melon Granita

Melon GranitaIn a fancy cup it’s a grown-up Granita; in a paper cup it’s a Snow Cone! Either way, kids love these and¬†shows us they’re pretty easy to make. Using summer sweet melon, it’s a healthy party snack that will cool them off without too much extra sugar. That’s a Win-Win!

Andrea at 5 Minutes for Mom suggests watermelon, honeydew and cantelope. Cut the melon into cubes and for each 3 cups of melon in your blender add 2 T lemon or lime juice, a pinch of salt and 2T sugar – you may need more sugar (or sweetener) depending on the sweetness of the melon but start here. That’s it- all natural ingredients.

Pulse with the blender to a chunky pulp, NOT a puree, and pour into metal freezer trays, or I suspect whatever freezer containers you can come up with will work as long as it’s low and flat so the granita isn’t too thick. A freezer tray would give you about 1″ in thickness.

The secret here is apparently to interrupt the freezing process– after one hour break up the frozen chunks with a fork and repeat every 1/2 hour thereafter to keep it from freezing solid. Another web site says it all takes about 3 hours, and of course anytime it gets too frozen, just leave it out of the freezer until it isn’t.

For your summer party, serve the granita in little paper cups with plastic spoons. Of course, you don’t need a party to treat your kids, and yourself, to this refreshing treat.

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