Monarch Butterfly

Get them Moving after the Monarchs

Monarch ButterflyHere’s a terrific idea for a fall family or kids party activity that not only teaches about nature and science but gets ’em moving as our First Lady wants our kids to do (and with good reason).

While I had know about the many thousands of miles our beautiful monarch butterflies migrate between the US and Mexico, I wasn’t fully aware of the incredible nature of this journey¬†and I’ll bet any kids you’ve got that need something to do will find the story just as inspiring. And with these unique monarch ‘tagging’ kits for a reasonable price for 25 tags, they can become part of the science and the story both. Follow the link at the bottom of the tagging kit page to see the full story about this migration.

Making a long story short, it’s the grand-children and great-grand-children that make the journey back to Mexico, sometimes to the same tree their forebears nested in! Scientists don’t yet understand how this homing instinct works, and the tagging program is designed to gather information to help understand it. How the little critters have the energy for such a long migration is another of the mysteries the tagging program collects information for.

Be it for an ¬†outdoor fall birthday party game or a family outing activity, tagging 25 of these butterflies will be a fun and educational activity, and that’s always a great combination. Tagging would make a perfect game for your camping or jungle themed birthday party. Follow this link for peak migration dates to find out when to schedule tagging in your area- but it’s always a fall event so the time is NOW.

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