Get out those Holiday Lights

Party LightsDecorate with what you’ve already got instead of spending more money on stuff you’ll rarely use. And those holiday lights you’ve got in the attic might be just the thing for your party.

Obviously, if your party is in the evening when it’s dark, stringing up lights make perfect sense. If you’re inside, draw the blinds so the lights show up better during the daylight hours. For an inside party, you can use the 3M tacky tape that’s easy on your paint to attach the lights up at the ceiling.

Incorporate the lights into your theme with additions added to the light strings- just being careful to keep all flammable materials far enough away from the lights. For example,

  • Add homemade paper lanterns as in the picture for your luau party
  • Add black jolly roger flags (paper ones are just fine) to an all white light string for your pirate party
  • Tie on tissue paper flowers to dangle from your light string for a tea party or any ‘girlie’ party theme
  • Add in small, double sided paper crowns cut out of sparkly or gold paper for your princess party
  • Make and tie on snowflake cut-outs for your winter party theme
  • Gold and silver or colorful shiny stars (double sided and different sizes) hanging from the light strings will be a great addition for any teen party
  • Tie colorful balloons onto the light string- and they needn’t be helium if tied on close to the string.
  • Double sided print-outs of baseballs or bastketballs or soccerballs can be tied on for your sports themed party
  • Double sided print-outs of animals can be tied on for your safari jungle party

Kids being kids, if you’ve got blinker lights, it’s probably all the better.

Kids being kids, they’re not there to critique your decorations. Your decorations are there to get the kids in the party frame of mind so they have fun and participate in all the good activities you have for them. Fun lighting using what you’ve probably already got will do just that. K.I.S.S. – keep your decorations simple and you’ll be more relaxed come party time.

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